ZOHO Assist

ZOHO Assist

Zoho Assist is a PC access solution which is developed for mainly small scale and medium scale businesses. They are designed in such a way that both internal and external users can make use of this application. For internal employees, they help to access internal office computers while working in remote condition and for IT workers to synchronize multiple systems. Externally Zoho Assists helps you to get on with the technical support for the customers.

Safety is the major priority of Zoho Assist. Your customer’s information remains safe and secure with this software. These are the main reasons why Zoho Assist is the best platform for small scale businesses.

Zoho Assist offers the users with a wide range of pricing plans for your business. You can opt for single user plan or multiple client plans with this application. Assist charges you according to the number of users you need access for. You can pay this charge, monthly or annually. The standard plan offers the users with the permission to access 25 users and computers according to your needs.


  • Free plan: This is the basic plan and it is free of cost. It can be used for personal as well as commercial needs. This plan allows one support technician and five unattended computers to do their work. They also include features like clipboard sharing and instant messaging.
  • Standard plan: This is the starting paid plan. They consist of every feature in the paid plan, but rather than one session they only allow one concurrent session. They have advanced features like multi-monitor navigation, screen capture and session transfer. This plan cost Rs.586/month per user or Rs.733 per technician.
  • Professional plan: These are the middle level business plans which have the same features as free and standard plans along with the approach to four concurrent sessions. They include options like mobile application access, advanced reporting and screen sharing. You can get this plan annually if you pay Rs.950.
  •  Enterprise plan: This plan offers every feature which is mentioned in the previous plans. In addition the users have access up to six concurrent sessions.  Here you get added features like customer widget, remote printing and annotation. You can buy Enterprise plan for Rs.1, 540/month if you are planning annually and Rs.1, 832 per month if you are paying monthly.
  • Standard Unattended Access plan: Apart from all other plans, in this plan you can accommodate 25 unattended computers. This is the best plan for the IT users. They provide you with remote powers, vast number of technicians and wake-on-LAN. This plan can be subscribed for Rs.586 per user if paid annually and Rs.730 when paid monthly.


  • Cross platform access: This application is compatible with every operating system like Windows, Linux, Mac, Chrome, Android and iOS. You never have to worry about the supporting platforms.
  • Browser-based installation: Zoho Assist is a software-as-a-service solution. The service they provide is through web and you don’t have to install the software in your device.
  • Integration: You can combine this software with other softwares like G Suite, Zendesk, Spiceworks etc.
  • File transfer: Using Zoho Assist, you can send files between two devices. The maximum file size allowed is 2GB. This feature allows the user to install patches or to introduce new software solutions to your system.
  • Monitor control exchange: This option allows you to switch between the presenter and the participant role when the broadcast takes place.
  • Grouping: With the help of Assist you can set different groups based on locations, clients and functions. This gives you more relief in the long run.
  • Instant chat: When you are accessing a session, you have the freedom to start an instant chat, put comments, use whiteboard, screenshots and other methods.

Zoho Assist is one of the best software to grow your bu

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