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Organic farming of Broccoli

Organic farming is a cultivation technique which largely avoids the use of synthetic compounds like chemical fertilizers, pesticides and growth regulators. Organic farming follows the pattern of crop rotation and inter crops. They use natural manures and fertilizers to increase the efficiency of crops. Organic farming ensures food security and maintains the balance of nature. […]

Organic farming of coriander; a detailed study

When the humans understood that chemical applied fruits and vegetables can no longer make them healthy, they turned to organic products. Organic products ensure a healthy life, free from diseases and increases immunity. Organic farming ensures no harmful chemicals are applied to the crops. This technique use manure, pesticides and fertilizers which are extracted from […]

Organic farming of garlic; methods to cultivate

Organic farming is a natural technique to grow crops. It uses products from the nature to enhance the crops. This method gives us a better yield with quality. Organic farming does not promote the use of chemical products as it destroys the balance of nature and harm the living creatures. Let’s discuss about the farming […]

Organic farming of watermelon; farming procedures

Organic farming is an ancient farming method practiced by our ancestors to cultivate the crops and gain quantitative and qualitative yield from them. They used eco-friendly manures, fertilizers and pesticides to enhance the soil. They maintained a balance between the man and the ecosystem. Humans and nature were equally happy with this technique, it was […]

Organic farming of capsicum; effective methods

Organic farming is a farming technique which uses environment friendly products to enhance the crop as well as the soil. It does not promote the use of chemical products that causes harm to nature as well as humans. The major manure used in organic farming includes green manure, farmyard manure, neem cake etc. They also […]

Organic farming of banana; points to keep in mind

Organic farming is an oldest farming technique which was passed on to us through generations. In olden times people did not have access to chemicals. So they used manures, fertilizers and pesticides extracted from the nature to nurture and protect their crops. By doing so they lived in harmony with the environment and they stayed […]

Organic farming of grapes; facts to know

Organic farming is considered as the most efficient technique of farming these days. This method incorporates natural products to enhance the growth of the crops. No chemical additives are used in this farming technique. Organic farming is a cultivation criterion which is related to the environment. Manures, fertilizers and pesticides, everything are extracted from the […]

Organic farming of cucumber; Points to remember

Organic farming is an oldest farming method to grow crops in relation with the ecosystem. It uses primitive products for manures and fertilizers that don’t harm the micro-organism and humans. This technique enriches the soil as well as the yields. Cucumber comes under the category of fruits even though they are commonly used along with […]

Organic farming of oranges; steps to follow

Organic farming is an ancient method of farming which improves the yields and also increases the nutrients in the soil. This technique does not use any harmful ingredients that affect humans or other living organisms. They increase the fertility of the soil by eliminating the need for chemical manures and pesticides. Nowadays more and more […]

Organic farming of Okra; methods to follow

Organic farming is mainly used to produce environment friendly yields and products. From the propagation till the harvest, everything provided to the crop are natural and safe. Organically farmed fruits and vegetables are a source of nutrients and other compounds useful for the human body. If we still continue to use chemical fertilizers and pesticides, […]