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The lurking dangers of Facebook and how to identify if someone has hacked your Facebook

As we are living in a digital world, social media is gaining more popularity. Among all social media platforms, Facebook is becoming a worldwide phenomenon with around 2 billion users. Facebook is turning out to be the best social network man has ever created on the internet. The major problem Facebook is facing nowadays is […]

Facebook safety

Facebook is one of the best social media platforms that helps you to stay connected with friends & family and also meet new people. This platform provides opportunities to share ideas, thoughts and information in a public forum. Apart from all these advantages, Facebook is becoming more vulnerable to hacking and cyber threats. Threat actors […]

Web hosting and mobile marketing based Facebook hacking

Nowadays most of the websites and blogs are made with the help of Word Press. As everyone is depending on Word Press, the security of this platform is crucial. For full time bloggers, there are third-party plugins available to endure the security. According to the records, around four hundred and eight-eight million people use Facebook […]