How to turn your crush into relationship

How to turn your crush into relationship?

We all had crush on someone and wished that changed into a relationship. All of their qualities and personality seemed perfect for us and one or the other day we hoped them to be ours. Some may have been successful whilst some may have failed. It’s not just the dumb luck that helps us to get them, we need to try hard and prove them that you will be with them forever in their life.

Here are some ways you can try to convert your crush into relationship

Make them understand you love them

Only when you express how much you like/love them, they will understand your feelings and will have chances of that turning into relationship. When the person realizes the love you give them, they would tend to give them in return. According to psychological experts, the best way to cultivate positive feelings is to leave them uncertain about how much you love them.

Ask them to do small favours

Just ask them to do small helps repeatedly. If they perform them without any fail and happily, they will have the feelings of approval and positivity with you.


Having a good communication is a perfect way to convince somebody and analyse whether they have the same interest for you, as you do. The style and manner of conversation also helps to understand whether they are into you or not. Just don’t force something, keep it simple and interesting. Avoid small talk get into serious discussions about life and other aspects. Ask them about their dreams and the goals they wish to achieve. Be a good listener. Never get on conversation about yourself, share equal space. Tell them how you really feel inside.

Make eye contact

Affection starts from eyes. It is very difficult to make someone have their attention on you. If you wish someone to notice you, just look into their eyes. It does not take very long for them to understand your eye contact. Keep on doing that to attract their attention. Along with eye contact, just give them a smile and make them understand that you are into them. This is the best way to tell them, you love them without freaking them out. Eye contact shows your confidence and it helps you to build intimacy.

Spend more time with the person

Try to hang out with them regularly. Take them somewhere you can talk in peace privately, maybe a park or beach. The ambience is very important to develop feelings. When you try to hangout and interact more, they will think about you often. Try to understand their places of interest or activities they like to do. Make them happy by doing them.

Never push it too far or too fast

During the initial stage, never try to force anything. Feelings will take time to develop and you must be patient enough to wait. Forcing things may ruin the connection which you have already built up. Clinging on to the person like a pest is the most hateful thing in a relationship. Give them their space and wait for things to happen in a natural pace. Never be in a hurry! Even if you have put all of your effort and time but still it isn’t working out, just leave them, there are plenty of other fishes in the sea.

Be a person they can always depend upon

It is a common fact that, best relationship consists of best friends. Try to know your crush. Make them understand that you are a type of person which they always trust and can depend on. Always extend a helping hand for your crush if they need a support. Be a good listener and understand what they need. Make them your priority, and be with them whenever they need you. Make them understand that you will make a good partner.

Know more about their interest

Understand their areas of interest and try to get interested in them. Try to be around your crush doing things which they love. For instance watching their favourite movie or listening their favourite playlist. Make sure that you don’t act like you interested into something they love. If it’s boring for you, don’t strain yourself.

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