How to make a relationship work

How to make a relationship work?

Relationships require time and effort to get stronger. Many relationships break up due to silly reasons which may be patched using some simple strategies if they did take efforts. Understand that relationships get stronger with time and so does the bond between two partners. People during the early stages of relation wish their partner to be always loving, caring and understanding. But for these things, you first need to understand the person; know his character, personality and drawbacks, only then the actual relationship begins. When you start accepting the person even in their uncertainties and flaws that is where true love starts to appear.

Keep it interesting

When you are in a relationship, try to develop mutual interest with your partner. This will help you in the long run to help you grow and to stay strong in a relationship. Apart from the love you have for each other, it is important to develop common interest. When both are growing in relationship, it is necessary to have shared interest as this will help you to stay fresh in the long run.

  • Try to share hobbies, whether it is cooking, travelling, reading etc. and find happiness through them.
  • Spend time to watch a movie together or try something new. Do things which help you to learn new things and keep busy.

Find your own happiness

Never give the key to your happiness to your partner. Even if you are in relationship, try to find happiness for yourself and spend time for that. Indulge in your favourite hobbies and make sure you are happy with your own existence. In today’s society, majority of the people fall in relationships thinking that their partners will make them happy. This is one of the dumbest expectations and by hoping so; you will end up in misery.

  1. Apart from depending on your partner, set your goals and work hard to reach them. Relationship is not your world; there are many things other than relationship you want to explore. Try doing things that gives you satisfaction and happiness.

Extend supporting hand to your partner

Even if your relationship has lasted long, never take your partner for granted. No matter how busy your schedules are, make time to spend with your partner and communicate with them. Try to be with them and support them during hard times. Your presence can sometimes mean a lot to them. Also, compliment them even for simple things. Showing appreciation helps to build positive behaviours.

Commit at your own pace

Never rush for commitments. Before committing, try to understand your partner. Have a thorough knowledge of their character & personality. Take your own time to develop the relationship and never hurry for settlement.

Share your thoughts and feelings openly

Communication is an important aspect of a relationship. Try to open up to your partner about everything. If you are feeling hurt, communicate and try to solve the problem together. Never keep on discussing about problems and issues, along with that, share your thoughts, opinions, ideas and dreams. Schedule certain time to sit and talk on a daily basis. Never be judgemental while communicating. Whenever you are discussing a problem always stick to “I” and “we” statements.

Be a good listener

Relationship becomes strong and healthy when people are ready to listen to each other. Listening is a quality which everybody should poses in a relationship. Whenever your partner is talking, make them feel that they are the most important person in your life. Try to understand their thoughts and ideas. While talking, always look into their eyes. Never interrupt them or discourage them while they are speaking

Be honest

One way to keep up trust and integrity in a relationship is to be honest. If you feel that you are wrong, apologize because your partner will appreciate your truthfulness and honesty. This will help to strengthen the bond between both.

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