Facebook safety

Facebook safety

Facebook is one of the best social media platforms that helps you to stay connected with friends & family and also meet new people. This platform provides opportunities to share ideas, thoughts and information in a public forum. Apart from all these advantages, Facebook is becoming more vulnerable to hacking and cyber threats. Threat actors misuse this platform to leak personal information and use them in their favour.

The advantages of Facebook are far reaching. You can promote your business, collect group funds for charity purposes and can also find a missing child by posting the child’s picture all over Facebook. The benefits and losses from Facebook are maintained equally and still studies are carried out on how Facebook affects today’s society. People nowadays post almost everything in Facebook, like where they live, where they work, their address and contact number. Apart from all these information, they still post the status, “Off to Paris for holidays”. If a fraud comes across these details, he can easily loot your house.

Providing too much of information in Facebook is dangerous. Even the threat actors could use your data to perform Facebook hacking. To keep yourself secure from hackers, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I provide too much of personal information and photos in my Facebook account?
  • Do I accept every friend request coming to my profile without validating it?
  • Do I trust the people whom I give complete access to my profile and contents?
  • Am I well aware of the security settings provided by Facebook?

The more information you provide in Facebook, the possibility of your Facebook account being hacked is more. People may create fake profiles using you information and impersonate you to do malicious activities with your friends and family members. Once the hacker gets hold of your account, he will change the password of Facebook and all other platforms linked to Facebook making it a huge loss for you.

Predicting password is a simple social engineering technique used by hackers to perform Facebook hacking. Here the threat actor psychologically manipulates the situation and gain additional data to fill the gaps so that he can get access to your account. Some people keep easy guessable passwords like spouse name, child’s name, date of birth, phone number etc. so that they can easily remember them. Some hackers tries to be friendly with you and slowly studies your thinking pattern and guess your password.

Care should be taken while allowing children to create and use their own account in Facebook. We should be aware of the fact that children friendly websites has not only attracted children but also paedophiles. The percentage of paedophiles has increased significantly after the development of social media and internet. Facebook has kept the minimum age limit to 14 to start an account. So, parents should extra care when children are using Facebook, observes their daily activities until they reach maturity to understand what is what and who is who. This does not mean that you must always sit with them and read their messages. Respect their privacy but make sure that they are safe.

To avoid all these negative impacts, every Facebook users should be familiar with the security and the privacy settings. These settings safeguard you from Facebook hack as well as to create personalised privacy controls. There are options where you can allow some of your friends to view your photo album and hide the rest. In this way you can categorize your friend list into “close” friends as well as “just” friends. So when you upload an album next time, choose the friends with whom you want to share the photos. To activate this setting, go to “account settings”, select “privacy settings” and then “profile information”. From the given list, choose those whom you want to avoid.

Security of your login credentials should also be given topmost priority. Try to avoid easy and guessable passwords and set a password which has characters, numbers, symbols and some special signs. There are a lot of password hacking softwares available in the market that depends upon the commonly used words with combination of different numbers.

Try to implement these steps so that you can avoid Facebook hacking and protect your account from unauthorized access.

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