Boredom in relationship

Boredom in relationship

Not every relationships end up being happy and healthy, some may be bored and broken. Most of the relationships nowadays do not have the same spark which they had in the beginning of the relationship. The major reason for this is the lack of efforts between the partners. People start to get bored of each other’s company and they put minimum effort to make each other happy and do joint activities. Even though this does not seem to be a serious problem, gradually it gets worse and may end the relationship.

As per statistics, boredom is one of the reasons for the increasing break-ups in the world. Boredom is caused due to severe emotional distancing between partners, dishonesty problems, loosing attraction towards your partner etc. If you still feel that boredom is a silly issue, it is high time you notice this issue and find a solution, before it leads to a break-up.

The first thing to do is to find the root cause of the problem. If you are finding it difficult to bring back the spark with your partner, there are therapies and counselling available that can resolve the issue. It is normal that people feel bored about certain things and relationship is one among them. But it must not cross the limit. When boredom hits relationship, it can make you feel discouraging and question your compatibility and potentiality.

This issue is prevailing in most of the relationships and most of the people sit there watching it to unfold itself. When boredom hits you frequently, it is important to pay attention to the problems and find a solution.

Why relationships become boring?

Boring relationships can be a result of many reasons. It is your responsibility to find your reason so that you can start improving in your relationship. Let us discuss some of the common reasons that lead to boredom:

  • Going with the flow: It is a common thing to become overly comfortable in a relationship and it is not a bad thing. But gradually, it will create some problems and will dim the attraction you have towards your partner.
  • Always following the same path: Some people love doing things together and they do that all time and after some time they will get bored of that. When you do the same thing over and over, the relation loses the spice. Do interesting things once in a while. What if you had Pies every day? You will start hating it know? Same logic!
  • Forgetting about yourself: When getting into a relationship, some forget who they really are. They forget their life goals and dedicate their effort and time to the relationship. This can be one of the reasons that cause individual boredom which slowly spreads to the relationship.
  • Not working on physical intimacy: As far as relationships are concerned, physical and emotional intimacy are the two major factors that strengthen the relationship. When partners do not get the required physical intimacy, they become dissatisfied and lead to boredom.
  • Never having arguments: If you have any problem with your partner, sort them out. Never live a compromised life. Constant compromise can lead to a boring relationship.

There are many couples around us who thinks that they are tired of the relationship and are living an inevitable life. Relationships do not maintain the same pace throughout, there can be ups and downs and boredom is one of the unavoidable factors. If you refuse to take an action, it can lead to an unhappy and unsatisfied relationship.

How to patch boredom in a relationship?

  • Try to be honest with your partner. Tell them openly about everything that is happening in your life. Even little things make a big difference.
  • Break regular routines and try something interesting every day.
  • Give them surprises and make them happy.
  • Try shifting environment as constant environments can cultivate boredom.
  • Find a list of things that you want to do together.
  • Go on trips so that both can feel refreshed and can enjoy each other’s presence.
  • Try to flirt with your partner so that you regain the lost spark.
  • Find a new hobby that can be tried by both.

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