Facebook spam and post-hacking situations

Nowadays, news about people falling prey to Facebook hack, spams, scams and hoaxes are increasing significantly. Hackers are coming up with new social engineering techniques to trick users and get access to their account and personal information. Even after people are being educated of the danger lurking in Facebook, yet hoaxes and spams are spreading at an alarming rate.

What is Facebook scam?

Facebook scam is actually a post or a page which is developed to trick the users and instantly spread from one personal network to another. Majority of Facebook scams are designed to perform identity theft or spread malicious malware which can leak personal information of the target. Through Facebook scam, hackers can have financial gain; the more users who like and share the post, the more money hackers will make.

The main intention of scam pages is to make the users click the like button, share the post or comment on it. Hackers design scam post in such a way that it attracts users’ curiosity, compassion and greed. To get the attention of users, hackers create post containing charity or a sick child so that sympathy works out and people will starting liking and sharing the post.

The commonly seen Facebook scam includes the picture of a sick child with a caption Facebook will donate $1 for each like and share. Users who are unaware of this hoax will like and share the post just because of humanity. Hackers are taking advantage of this sympathy & humanity to fraud users in Facebook.

Once the page receives popularity and consist of enough “likes”, they will find a buyer to sell the page and change the page details to use it for business or marketing purpose. Since it got high-reach, the products or services you market through them starts to appear prominently in the users feed. In today’s online market, pages can be sold out for hundreds or thousands of dollars based on the likes and reach.

Commonly found Facebook scams include:

  • Giveaways where the hackers announced attractive prizes and gift cards.
  • Sympathy related posts like child abduction, child treatment etc.
  • Product giveaways
  • Post that include “Like and see what happens”
  • Unnecessary warning post
  • Fake contests that which promises attractive prize money.

Facebook scam can come in any form; it comes as post, images, app etc. To make the content more realistic, images are used. Contents with images tend to receive more publicity. Basically Facebook scams or hoax does not cause any damage or threat to your account, so it is often referred to as “friendly hacks”.

Facebook uses Edgerank algorithm to rate a post or user in Facebook. When you try to get more engagement for a post in short time, then you will be ranked higher as per Edgerank. So when you spread such scams, you will get easily recognized by Edgerank and it will gain more Facebook traction.

Post hacking criteria

If you are a victim of Facebook hack, there are substantial amount of risk that you are exposed to. Let us discuss some of the threats based on the extent of access gained by the hackers.

Credit card fraud

If you have provided credit card information in Facebook, then probably it may be accessed by the hackers. Most of the credit card dealers follow PCI-DSS guidelines but there are other dealers who do not follow strict security measures. The risk factor here is that the hackers can decrypt your credit card details to use them or sell them.

As a precautionary step, regularly check the credit card statements and if you find any suspicious transactions, immediately inform the card dealer.

Identity theft

When you have provided more personal information in your Facebook account, then there are possibilities the hackers could access them and use them for their benefit. They could impersonate you and reach out to your friends and family for money or any other use.

In this case, similar to credit card fraud, you should check your daily transactions and connect with your friends to know whether someone has contacted them pretending to be you.

Online compromise Once a hacker compromises your account, he will change the username and password according to his wish. The problem is that if you have the same passwords for different services like Hotmail, Gmail etc. he will also compromise them. To prevent this from happening it is important you keep different passwords for different accounts. Keep passwords which are strong and cannot be guessed easil

The lurking dangers of Facebook and how to identify if someone has hacked your Facebook

As we are living in a digital world, social media is gaining more popularity. Among all social media platforms, Facebook is becoming a worldwide phenomenon with around 2 billion users. Facebook is turning out to be the best social network man has ever created on the internet. The major problem Facebook is facing nowadays is the protection of privacy. Enhancement in technology has made Facebook hacking easier and thousands of accounts are getting compromised each day. Protection of privacy is turning out to be a daunting task for the developers. The best example of this is the Founder of Facebook; Mark Zuckerberg was once the victim of Facebook hack. If the developer is not safe in Facebook, how can the users be?

Apart from connecting to your friends and family, Facebook acts as a good business platform. Entrepreneurs market their products, services and brands in Facebook so that it reaches a vast audience. Every business pages in Facebook generate exposure that helps the business to grow. If not provided proper security, these established pages can end up in the hands of Facebook hackers which results in data leak and financial loss. Hackers always target these types of revenue generating pages, profiles of celebrities and other popular individuals so that they can make quick bucks using the personal information from these pages.

For example, the authorities that allows authorization to specific company application or fans page is actually letting the company to access their personal email. Once this information is shared, the threat actors play various tricks to gain the personal information using Facebook hack.

When you are running a business page in Facebook, the decision to trust the privacy and security settings should be given to the company. Nowadays more critics are propagandizing Facebook and are giving advices of not to open business accounts in Facebook as they are vulnerable to Facebook hack and is weak with the privacy settings. If users implement tighter security like anti-virus software, it is a platform that helps company to earn more revenue. But understand the fact that Facebook hackers are always lurking around to find a vulnerability so that they can use them to compromise the account. Take care!

How to know someone has logged in to your account?

Social media has influenced our lives extensively. An established platform like Facebook has given enough freedom for the users to share their personal information. So, people often provide a lot of their personal information including photos, videos and other private data to their Facebook account. Your privacy is compromised when a hacker gets into your account through hacking. There are various tricks to hack your Facebook and these scams take away your information and use it in a wrong way.

From the beginning, the question of Facebook security has been a critical issue. In alignment with this many websites have come up with advanced security standards and settings to safeguard your information from strangers. Hackers always wait for a loophole to get into your account and steal your ID and password.

If you are a Facebook user and get the feeling that your account is hacked, the first and the foremost thing to do is to remove all your personal details and inform this to your friends and family who are in Facebook. You will also have the curiosity to know who hacked your Facebook account and his whereabouts.

To know that, first log in to your Facebook account and select the “Account” option. In that select the account settings. If you see any changes in your account settings, follow the given steps:

  • Open “My Account” tab
  • Open “Account Setting”
  • Now click on to the “Change” option from the list

This will give you the complete list of devices which were used to log in to your account. They also provide you with location details and the time frame during which the log in was done. Unfortunately they don’t show the IP address but you can track the location of the login.

As per the new update of Facebook you can add an extra layer of security to your account by customizing your account settings and turning on notification when anyone tries to access your account. Notification can be received through email or SMS. You can also activate OTP method for secure login with the help of HTTPS protocol.

These simple techniques can help you to stay away from malicious Facebook hacks and data leaks.

Facebook safety

Facebook is one of the best social media platforms that helps you to stay connected with friends & family and also meet new people. This platform provides opportunities to share ideas, thoughts and information in a public forum. Apart from all these advantages, Facebook is becoming more vulnerable to hacking and cyber threats. Threat actors misuse this platform to leak personal information and use them in their favour.

The advantages of Facebook are far reaching. You can promote your business, collect group funds for charity purposes and can also find a missing child by posting the child’s picture all over Facebook. The benefits and losses from Facebook are maintained equally and still studies are carried out on how Facebook affects today’s society. People nowadays post almost everything in Facebook, like where they live, where they work, their address and contact number. Apart from all these information, they still post the status, “Off to Paris for holidays”. If a fraud comes across these details, he can easily loot your house.

Providing too much of information in Facebook is dangerous. Even the threat actors could use your data to perform Facebook hacking. To keep yourself secure from hackers, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I provide too much of personal information and photos in my Facebook account?
  • Do I accept every friend request coming to my profile without validating it?
  • Do I trust the people whom I give complete access to my profile and contents?
  • Am I well aware of the security settings provided by Facebook?

The more information you provide in Facebook, the possibility of your Facebook account being hacked is more. People may create fake profiles using you information and impersonate you to do malicious activities with your friends and family members. Once the hacker gets hold of your account, he will change the password of Facebook and all other platforms linked to Facebook making it a huge loss for you.

Predicting password is a simple social engineering technique used by hackers to perform Facebook hacking. Here the threat actor psychologically manipulates the situation and gain additional data to fill the gaps so that he can get access to your account. Some people keep easy guessable passwords like spouse name, child’s name, date of birth, phone number etc. so that they can easily remember them. Some hackers tries to be friendly with you and slowly studies your thinking pattern and guess your password.

Care should be taken while allowing children to create and use their own account in Facebook. We should be aware of the fact that children friendly websites has not only attracted children but also paedophiles. The percentage of paedophiles has increased significantly after the development of social media and internet. Facebook has kept the minimum age limit to 14 to start an account. So, parents should extra care when children are using Facebook, observes their daily activities until they reach maturity to understand what is what and who is who. This does not mean that you must always sit with them and read their messages. Respect their privacy but make sure that they are safe.

To avoid all these negative impacts, every Facebook users should be familiar with the security and the privacy settings. These settings safeguard you from Facebook hack as well as to create personalised privacy controls. There are options where you can allow some of your friends to view your photo album and hide the rest. In this way you can categorize your friend list into “close” friends as well as “just” friends. So when you upload an album next time, choose the friends with whom you want to share the photos. To activate this setting, go to “account settings”, select “privacy settings” and then “profile information”. From the given list, choose those whom you want to avoid.

Security of your login credentials should also be given topmost priority. Try to avoid easy and guessable passwords and set a password which has characters, numbers, symbols and some special signs. There are a lot of password hacking softwares available in the market that depends upon the commonly used words with combination of different numbers.

Try to implement these steps so that you can avoid Facebook hacking and protect your account from unauthorized access.

Web hosting and mobile marketing based Facebook hacking

Nowadays most of the websites and blogs are made with the help of Word Press. As everyone is depending on Word Press, the security of this platform is crucial. For full time bloggers, there are third-party plugins available to endure the security. According to the records, around four hundred and eight-eight million people use Facebook mobile every month. Equally hacking against Facebook accounts has witnessed a steep hype. Compared to the system version, majority of the people use Facebook mobile version.

Whenever people are stepping out of their house, they make sure they have their mobile with them. This situation is best utilized by the business entrepreneurs. Business people always try to convey their message or display their products to the users and Facebook is one of the best medium for that. Business has now changed into a social experience. Entrepreneurs started to post ads in the Facebook feeds and users from different parts of the world viewed them that helped in the growth of the business. Due to this popularity, Facebook’s mobile ad click-through rate is much higher than Twitter. Hackers utilize this opportunity and post fake ads and links which are infected. When users open them, they get trapped in the technique of Facebook hacking.

During the initial stage, Facebook’s mobile application was weak. Slowly, they began to take up the social platform base and they took lead in the market. Facebook page manager is an efficient method where you can manage multiple pages. You can handle multiple contents, reply to the comments as well as moderate them in multiple pages. This is a bonus features for marketing and business.

Marketing tips

There are different tricks in Facebook for mobile users to focus in the business. It is all about posting contents. For mobile users, the feed contents are random. So if you keep on posting 1 content per day, then there are chances users will visit your website and you could sell your products. Try to post short contents ranging from 100-160 characters. Try to make the content entertaining and add photos & questionnaire to make it interesting. Include call action keys such as “like” and “comment”.

In Facebook, you can set up offers and discount rate for your products. You can do this only if you have a place page. If you don’t have a place page you can only post status update. When an organization is marketing through Facebook, all the marketing staffs should have a thorough knowledge about the in and out of the process. Promote your store by allowing people inside and to take photographs of the store. Provide them the opportunity to post them in the official store Facebook page.

Future of marketing through Facebook

Facebook has undergone a lot of changes once it has turned public. One among them includes “promoted posts”. Once you upload content, it first goes through Edgerank filter and this filter determines which content to show in the news feeds. But Facebook only displays your content on an average of sixteen percent to your fans. There are some options which can help you increase the visibility of contents:

  • Friend lists
  • Ads
  • Sponsored stories
  • Interest lists
  • Promoted posts
  • Reach generators

But while doing all these, make sure that your contents are protected and does not fall for Facebook hacking or Facebook phishing. As an entrepreneur, you can invest in certain techniques to boost your business through Facebook:

  • You can add a sponsored story to your page that is turned into an ad.
  • Include promoted post so that they are included in everyone’s news feed.

Promoted post through Facebook helps you in different ways. If you have an upcoming webinar or special event then promoted post can helps you in doubling the reach and increasing the engagement. If your business page has minimum followers, then promoted post can help you boost the number of fans. Promoted posts are an efficient way to reach the Facebook mobile users.

For business owners, a Facebook page or an official website serves as a best platform for visitors. When a person visits your page they will perform the Most Desired Action by purchasing or reviewing your product. So whenever you are setting up a business Facebook page keep it professional and make sure they are safe and secure from Facebook hacking and other malicious threats.

Facebook hack; the prevailing modern threat

In today’s society 90% of the population are active participants of social media and internet. Technological enhancement has led to cheaper internet availability and the users of every social media platform hiked. The most popular social media platform today is Facebook with around 2 billion users worldwide.

As the popularity went up, equally did the hacks focussing Facebook increased. Through hacking of Facebook, hackers started to compromise the accounts, created duplicates and demanded ransom for the return of popular accounts with large follower list. Even after implementing various strategies, with advanced techniques hackers continued to perform Facebook hack.

Some hacks uses viruses and Trojans that can lead to dangerous after effects. The percentage of threat actors hacking Facebook has risen steeply that, they are never seen as threats but mere annoyance by the users. Hackers are using dangerous malwares and viruses these days. With these malicious malwares they extract your friends, family members and your personal information and use them against you.

Hackers hack Facebook for the sole purpose of extracting information and they use them for creating scams and to pull out money from the users. The problem with Facebook and other social media platforms is that, you can send friend request to any stranger. Due to this reason, people accept good looking profiles which are disguised as genuine ones and fall for Facebook hacking. Most of the people nowadays never evaluate the genuinity of the profile before giving them access to your account and personal information because everyone is friendly in social networking. This is the main reason why hackers are finding it easy to hack your Facebook.

Once the hacker get holds of your information, he tries to pretend to be you and start working on leaking your financial information. Moreover they will also get hold of the email account linked to your Facebook and can compromise many other social media platforms linked with email. All this process can be done instantly and before you realize your Facebook is hacked, they would have done everything for compromising your account.

Although Facebook is an established organization, it is still building up its strength in cyber security. Developed in 2004, Facebook has always been a fertile platform to perform hacking. But nowadays Facebook has established strict rules and regulations so that any malicious activity in your profile is informed instantly through mails or messages. The major reason behind increasing Facebook hack is the vast number of information within the profiles. We accept everything we see in Facebook before giving it a second thought, even if it is from your trusted friends or relatives.

How to protect my Facebook account from hack?

Understand the fact that when it comes to social media platforms like Facebook, antivirus softwares cannot protect your account. They can only protect your system and it can never assure 100% protection. The only possible way to protect your Facebook from hack is “protecting yourself”. Take care before you add new friends and never share more of your personal information in Facebook.

Another possible way to protect your account is through emails and passwords. While you set a password, try to use them only for a short period of time and never give the same password for multiple accounts. This can reduce the possibility of hackers hacking your Facebook and messing with your personal details. Try to have multiple emails for multiple accounts because once an email is compromised, then every account linked with that email will be compromised.

Before you click or open any attachment in Facebook, analyse them and make sure that they are genuine. Use your logic and common sense to understand which is genuine and which is fake. Hacking of Facebook spreads from the compromised account to the friends account with the help of clicking links. When we open Facebook, there are always links and attachments in our wall. Out of these some may be malware affected links that leads to Facebook phishing. For example, when you see your friends post as well as an email with the exact message, then there are high possibilities of it being a virus.

When you come across such doubtful links, never click on the link. Instead, report the link and inform your friends and relatives to be cautious. Using these simple steps, you can stay from the malicious Facebook hacking.

Private VPN; security in a way you want it

Private VPN is an advanced form of VPN which consists of good security and private features. They are more easy to use applications which ensure higher speed for streaming as well as torrenting. They consist of limited server networks, approximately 150 servers. Private VPN makes sure that the servers are never overcrowded and keeps up consistent speed.

The main attraction of Private VPN is that they can successfully unblock geo-restricted and censored websites including Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney+ etc. It also works well in internet restricted countries like Indonesia and China. They have the capacity to effectively bypass government firewalls.

Private VPN is equipped with 256-bit AES encryption, no-logs policy and a kill switch option. They also consist of some advanced options like:

  • Tor compatibility: When you surf through the Tor browser and onion sites, you will be offered an extra layer of protection by automatically masking your IP address.
  • Torrenting on all servers: Private VPN works well with all the main torrent clients like Bit Torrent, Vuze and Deluge.
  • Leak protection: They provide DNS and IPv6 leak protection. Unfortunately, they don’t have WebRTC protection.

Private VPN does not provide split-tunneling, double VPN or ad blocker. The iOS version of the software does not have a kill switch. With Private VPN, you can connect 6 devices at the same time. Unlike other VPN providers, Private VPN does not come with a lot of extra features. But whatever features they provide, is well efficient and suits your needs. It is cheaper and user friendly software.


  • 256-Bit AES encryption: This is a powerful encryption technique which cannot be broken. They are commonly used by the military and government departments.
  • No-log policy: Private VPN does not save any record of your online traffic or personal information
  • Kill switch: This feature helps to cut the internet connection once the VPN connection falls. In this way you are safeguarded from threats and data leaks. This option is only available with Windows and Android.

Private VPN is designed with four protocols; OpenVPN, IKEv2/IPSec and PPTP. Apart from these, they also provide a Wire guard option which gives more speed to the VPN than normal. They are also designed with in-built DNS leak protection which instantly blocks IPv6 traffic. The leak is prevented by exporting traffic through encrypted DNS servers.

Private VPN does not contain WebRTC leak protection while other VPN providers do. The main highlighting feature of Private VPN are obfuscation tool (Stealth VPN) and Tor support.

Stealth VPN is mainly used to cover your VPN traffic from the government as well as the internet service provider (ISP). When you are using a VPN without the stealth feature, your internet service provider will know that you are using a VPN. The Stealth feature is effective to bypass government blocks and geo-restricted websites. While you enable the stealth mode, there are possibilities where you internet speed slows down because both encryption and Stealth mode functions at the same time.  Other than Private VPN, Express VPN and TunnelBear also provide the stealth option.

Every servers of Private VPN allow you to connect to the Onion Router. The advantage of Onion router is that they hide your IP address and encrypts traffic multiple times. To connect to the Tor browser, first you have to connect to the Privahttps://www.techsalire.com/proton-vpn-the-fastest-vpn/te VPN server, open Tor browser and start using the Web. But every country does not allow the use of Tor browsers. In such countries you can use them with the help of Private VPN.

Private VPN is accompanied with no-log policy. The company ensures that other than your email address and payment information, they save no other data in their servers. If you wish to keep your payment method intact, you can also pay them using crypto currency.

The average speed Private VPN exhibits according to the speed test is 40%. The servers offers fast speeds when they are connected to local servers but the speed decreases when they are connected to remote servers.

One of the unique characteristics of Private VPN is that they allow P2P traffic on its servers. Private VPN consists of physical as well as virtual servers. Private VPN provides 1 month plan, 3 month plan as well as 2 year plan. The price begins at Rs.160/month.

How to make a relationship work?

Relationships require time and effort to get stronger. Many relationships break up due to silly reasons which may be patched using some simple strategies if they did take efforts. Understand that relationships get stronger with time and so does the bond between two partners. People during the early stages of relation wish their partner to be always loving, caring and understanding. But for these things, you first need to understand the person; know his character, personality and drawbacks, only then the actual relationship begins. When you start accepting the person even in their uncertainties and flaws that is where true love starts to appear.

Keep it interesting

When you are in a relationship, try to develop mutual interest with your partner. This will help you in the long run to help you grow and to stay strong in a relationship. Apart from the love you have for each other, it is important to develop common interest. When both are growing in relationship, it is necessary to have shared interest as this will help you to stay fresh in the long run.

  • Try to share hobbies, whether it is cooking, travelling, reading etc. and find happiness through them.
  • Spend time to watch a movie together or try something new. Do things which help you to learn new things and keep busy.

Find your own happiness

Never give the key to your happiness to your partner. Even if you are in relationship, try to find happiness for yourself and spend time for that. Indulge in your favourite hobbies and make sure you are happy with your own existence. In today’s society, majority of the people fall in relationships thinking that their partners will make them happy. This is one of the dumbest expectations and by hoping so; you will end up in misery.

  1. Apart from depending on your partner, set your goals and work hard to reach them. Relationship is not your world; there are many things other than relationship you want to explore. Try doing things that gives you satisfaction and happiness.

Extend supporting hand to your partner

Even if your relationship has lasted long, never take your partner for granted. No matter how busy your schedules are, make time to spend with your partner and communicate with them. Try to be with them and support them during hard times. Your presence can sometimes mean a lot to them. Also, compliment them even for simple things. Showing appreciation helps to build positive behaviours.

Commit at your own pace

Never rush for commitments. Before committing, try to understand your partner. Have a thorough knowledge of their character & personality. Take your own time to develop the relationship and never hurry for settlement.

Share your thoughts and feelings openly

Communication is an important aspect of a relationship. Try to open up to your partner about everything. If you are feeling hurt, communicate and try to solve the problem together. Never keep on discussing about problems and issues, along with that, share your thoughts, opinions, ideas and dreams. Schedule certain time to sit and talk on a daily basis. Never be judgemental while communicating. Whenever you are discussing a problem always stick to “I” and “we” statements.

Be a good listener

Relationship becomes strong and healthy when people are ready to listen to each other. Listening is a quality which everybody should poses in a relationship. Whenever your partner is talking, make them feel that they are the most important person in your life. Try to understand their thoughts and ideas. While talking, always look into their eyes. Never interrupt them or discourage them while they are speaking

Be honest

One way to keep up trust and integrity in a relationship is to be honest. If you feel that you are wrong, apologize because your partner will appreciate your truthfulness and honesty. This will help to strengthen the bond between both.

Adobe Marketing Cloud

Adobe Marketing cloud is one of the prominent platform to perform digital marketing. Adobe has been the leader of the marketing world for the past few years. Marketing cloud is a combination of creative capabilities and advanced marketing functionalities. This combination has brought up Adobe Marketing Cloud to a favourable position which it has among the other marketing softwares today. Adobe Marketing Cloud (AMC) is an efficient web Analytic software which extensively help businesses to grow and improve their marketing techniques.

Marketing Cloud tries to optimize and measure business campaigns and analyse the business performance. Without having more drawbacks, Adobe Marketing Cloud stands out to be an effective one-stop marketing suite through which you can easily control mobile, campaign, search, content, social and email marketing.

Adobe Marketing Cloud was introduced in 2012 and the number of users was increasing year by year and today it has been one of the powerful marketing tools available. Most of the prominent companies today have achieved their success by using Marketing cloud for their business purpose. Adobe Marketing Cloud is a reliable software which correctly blends according to the size and needs of the business.

Adobe Marketing Cloud comes under the main branch of Adobe Experience Cloud. Marketing Cloud aims at combining all the features required for a marketing suite so that it will be useful for companies of all sizes to optimize, personalize and perform digital campaigns with atmost perfection. You can integrate Adobe Marketing Cloud with other Adobe softwares like Adobe Social, Experience Manager, Media optimizer, Target and Analytics.

Marketing Cloud consists of an instinctive interface which helps the user to merge their contents, insights and data through different marketing channels. They help to boost the targeting process and their increasing the conversions and decreasing the workload. They also have the capability to automate multi-lingual campaigns and link their email account to other digital platforms. As a business man, Adobe Marketing Cloud helps you to track the customer journey and provide them with a good marketing experience.

You can also combine Marketing Cloud with Marketo Engage so that you can always keep in touch with your customers throughout the journey. Market Engage provides options like lead management, personalization, account-based marketing and cross-channel engagement.


  • Marketing Automation: You can integrate Marketing Cloud with Adobe Campaign that helps you to establish marketing automation so that you can increase productivity and provide a better customer experience. With Marketing Automation, users can create individual customer profiles based on their likes and attitude towards the marketing channels.
  • A/B Testing: You can market your product only based on their performance. But if the data for this is in separate locations, it will be tough to analyse which video, text or image leads to more conversions. To avoid this, A/B testing is done with the help of Adobe Target to spot which creative assets leads to conversions.
  • Real-Time Digital Analytics: You can always link Adobe Marketing Cloud with Adobe Analytics. Analytics gives us a clear picture of what customer need or expect from our product. You can also use experimental data to track the customer requirements.
  • Social insights: To expand your marketing techniques to Social platforms, you can use Adobe Social. It is a social management platform which helps the users to check conversations, market and publish contents, study the conversions and include the engagement data in the interface. Social Insights automatically adds tracking codes to your social content, to know which content boosts engagement.

Adobe Marketing Cloud is used by many prominent organization including Nissan, Garmin, UBS, Renault, Airbus etc. Since it is a cloud based software, their implementation is a smooth process. Marketing Cloud is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux.

Anger in relationships

Anger is one of the emotion that humans exhibits when they are uncomfortable or frustrated with something. Sometimes anger can take the worst form when you are fighting with your loved ones in a relationship. Some anger situations can be controlled; but some can go out of control. When you are in a relationship, there can be differences in opinions and you need to do some adjustments to build a consistent relationship. But at times, you may lose your temper and indulge in serious fights with your partner. It is important to learn to manage your anger and your response when you are talking to your angry partner. This can help you to become more intimate and mature in relationship.

In most of the cases, after a conflict we often shut down, complain to your friends about your partner or try to control our partner as a response to our anger. These strategies may give you relief for only a short time but they are ineffective in the long run.

How to manage anger in relationship?

  • Avoid the impulse to cut off

Whenever you are in an argument with your partner, and the heat is high, you may feel like hitting the door or throwing away things that come into your hand. This should be controlled. Some just remain silent for everything the other person says. This is a dangerous method. When you remain silent, it can give you temporary relief but the anger and frustration inside you accumulates and it may burst out at any time. Moreover it is not good for your health. You may have increased blood pressure. Take your time to solve the issue. Never try to threaten them or force them into reconciliation because it can badly affect your relationship.

  • Try to change yourself and not your partner

Whenever we fight with our loved ones or become frustrated, we would feel to make peace with them as soon as possible. But we can’t control others thoughts, behaviours and emotions. What we can do is change ourselves. Being calm and talking calmly in such situations can help you manage your own anxiety and emotions. Instead of yelling at them to stay calm, try to take a deep breath and stay calm during fights. Listen to what they have to say and respond peacefully.

  • Be aware of triangles

When you have anger and frustration towards your partner, you feel relaxed when you complain about them to your friends or your close ones. When you involve a third person into this issue, it is known as an emotional triangle. Everybody has done this once in their lifetime. But in some situations, emotional triangle can result in depression of your partner and can make them more defensive. By contacting a third person, you are not looking for help but you are creating a situation where you want them to agree that what you have done is right. It can make things more worse. Never involve a third person in your relationships fight if it can be sorted out by yourself.

  • Look past the issues

In a relationship, there will be certain topics which always end up in conflicts. Most of the topics are money, religion, sex, family, parenting etc. It is not the actual opinions that lead to fights; it is the immature reaction towards this topic that leads to conflicts. So rather than just responding to the arguments, try to maturely solve the issue. This does not mean that you must bear all the violence and abuse your partner is showing towards you. When conflicts arise in a relationship, both the partners have equal contribution towards that fight. The more you learn to be calmer and mature, the same will reflect in your relationship. Whatever the case, never let anger run the show. They may break your relationship.