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Organic farming of carrot; steps to follow

Organic farming is an old farming technique adopted by people around the world. In this method they use natural and organic products as a source of fertilizers and pesticides. In this way we are building a harmony with the nature. By abandoning the use of chemical products, we are saving millions of organisms present in […]

Kerala assembly elections 2021; Scammers launch phishing attacks in social media

Social media is a viable platform used by the scammers to trap the users. They adopt various malicious methods like phishing, adware, fake gifts and offers. They concentrate on the important days to create scam and to steal personal information. For instance, on Mother’s day a group of scammers created a fake Mother’s day giveaway […]

Organic farming of Tomato; points to check

Organic farming is a farming technique practiced by ancestors in the olden times. As time evolved, there came changes in the method of crop cultivation. Slowly people began to adopt conventional farming techniques that use chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Slowly the balance of the ecosystem began to destroy and people started suffering from new diseases. […]

Whatsapp hack using OTP; the easiest method to hijack your account

Social media attacks and scams are being usual news these days. Despite of the security provided by the social media companies, we are not really safe. Among today’s social media platforms, the most targeted ones are Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and Twitter. Since the pandemic, the scale of social media users has risen significantly. Most of […]

Organic farming of potato; things to know

Nowadays people are changing conventional farming techniques and employing organic farming. They began to realize about the health hazards which will haunt them caused by the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Conventional farming techniques do not give a consistency for both environment and humans. Cultivating crops in the way nature wants them to, is […]