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How does environment benefit from organic agriculture?

Organic cultivation is a farming technique that focuses on ecosystem management along with producing quality yields. This system completely boycotts the use of external agricultural inputs. They also eliminate the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, additives and preservatives. They are replaced with organic materials which increase the fertility of the soil and does not […]

Organic farming of Broccoli

Organic farming is a cultivation technique which largely avoids the use of synthetic compounds like chemical fertilizers, pesticides and growth regulators. Organic farming follows the pattern of crop rotation and inter crops. They use natural manures and fertilizers to increase the efficiency of crops. Organic farming ensures food security and maintains the balance of nature. […]

Organic farming of coriander; a detailed study

When the humans understood that chemical applied fruits and vegetables can no longer make them healthy, they turned to organic products. Organic products ensure a healthy life, free from diseases and increases immunity. Organic farming ensures no harmful chemicals are applied to the crops. This technique use manure, pesticides and fertilizers which are extracted from […]

Whatsapp chats; what is the surety that it’s private?

Whatsapp is a prominent social media platform which is used to text, have voice calls and video calls with anyone around the world. The main feature of Whatsapp is its privacy and end-to-end encryption. When it comes to privacy, no application available today can beat Whatsapp. Today, the American owned Facebook Company has around 2 […]

Financial institutions becoming more vulnerable to cyber-attacks; decline in the economic growth

Cyber-attacks are concentrating in every sectors of the society. Nowadays attacks against financial sectors are increasing day by day. The hackers find these sectors as a good source of money. The threat actors have developed advanced skills and tools to crack the security and get into their networks. Recently, a huge cyber-attack occurred against the […]

Social media hacks in LinkedIn and Facebook; user’s data in Jeopardy!

Social media and other online platforms are witnessing the worst cyber hacks and data leaks these days. Hackers are using advanced strategies to take away the accounts and sensitive information of the users. Even after securing the servers where the data’s are stored, threat actors find new ways to exploit them and take away their […]

Social media hacks; ways to secure your business social media account

Everyone uses social media. The use of social media has hyped during the lockdown days. Equally, cyber-attacks against social media platforms have increased. Social media hackers are finding new ways to launch attacks. They use modern technology and strategies to trap the users. Hackers target social media because of its huge user bases. New findings […]

Organic farming of garlic; methods to cultivate

Organic farming is a natural technique to grow crops. It uses products from the nature to enhance the crops. This method gives us a better yield with quality. Organic farming does not promote the use of chemical products as it destroys the balance of nature and harm the living creatures. Let’s discuss about the farming […]

Impersonation scams; scammers use fake accounts to steal money from social media

Social media cyber frauds are increasing these days. In one or the other way cyber criminals find a way to trick users and extract money from them. Since the pandemic has resulted in the increase of users in social media platforms, scammers are planning new techniques to perform malicious activities. Majority of the users in […]