Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe is a platform for creative people. It consists of different tools which helps users to improve in their field of interest. Adobe has wide variety of features that helps to grow in the areas of photography, video editing, designing etc.

Adobe Premiere Pro is an advanced software used to edit videos, films and TV shows. Premiere Pro is a combination of creative tools, integration with other apps and Adobe Sensei. Premiere Pro helps the user to convert their videos into a more refined form. Videos can be merged including visual effects to make the story telling method smoother.

The software is fast in working and can save you a lot of time. The presence of Adobe Sensei feature makes the work flow easier and improves the visual effects. Videos can be polished to bring out a better result.

Videos ranging from 8K to virtual reality can be edited using this software. Flexibility in the file formats, light weight proxy workflows and fast HDR helps you to make up the videos as you wish. The process can also be done using mobile workstations.

You can also combine your works Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Audition and Adobe Stock while you are working in Premiere Pro. Templates can be transferred from these softwares to PP.

Premier Pro software is subscribed on monthly basis and this is the most common tool used by most of the production houses. When compared to Final Cut Pro and Appleā€™s Video Editor, Premier Pro is supported in both Mac and Windows. This is very useful software for both beginners and experts.

The recent updated version Premier Pro 14.9 was released on February 2021. They fix their flaws and vulnerabilities in every updates. They have added new features like codec support and quick export in the latest update.

The main motive of Premier Pro is to make the software user friendly and also to increase the productivity and work quality. To ensure this, they set up different tools that manage workspaces, editing, effects and audio. Workspaces can be switched between your works by using the tab option. To make it more easy, the workspaces are divided into resizable panels.

Audio is an important element for a video. Premiere Pro consists of wide variety of powerful tools which helps in editing audios like mixers, meters and effects. These audio enhancing features helps you to adjust bass, mute the background noise, make changes in the reverb and bring out a clean audio.

This software helps the users to directly download high-quality stock audios. They can also be categorized based on the genre, tempo, mood and duration. This will make your work easier.

The Quick Export feature gives the user direct control of frequently used export settings. They can select the export file format and quality of the export.

Adobe Premier Pro is priced Rs.19, 158 including GST for one year and Rs. 1, 675 per month. Premier Pro is only available as a month-to-moth subscription or annual plan.

Key features of Adobe Premier Pro

  • Tutorials and learning content for the beginners.
  • Advanced features to work with any camera format.
  • Easy workflows with high-resolution content.
  • Proactive editing techniques with customised work spaces.
  • Intuitive Lumetri Colour tools to provide a Cinematic look.
  • Improved audio mixing features.
  • On screen graphics and tilting tools to add more impact.
  • Wide range of graphic templates.
  • Video exporting to any format.

Premier Pro does not need internet connection to function. It need internet only during the time of validation of your membership.

According to the reviews of the users, Adobe has successfully met the needs of the members by constantly updating the software. Premier Pro has simplified the working process for them. Advanced tools, constant updates and streamlined interface has made than one of the best video editing software.

This is a pro level editing software and for casual users, it may feel a bit difficult to cop up with. For the beginners, they are providing a learning tutorial and guides through the features of the software

Basic system requirements for Premier Pro


  • Intel 6th Gen or latest CPU
  • macOS  v10.14 or latest
  • 8GB RAM
  • 2GB of GPU VRAM


  • Intel 6th Gen or latest CPU or AMD
  • Microsoft Windows 10 version
  • 8GB of RAM
  • 2GB of GPU VRAM

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