Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe has included different creative software under a same roof called the Adobe Creative Cloud. The main advantages of clubbing the softwares are that if you are a creative person you need different softwares to develop your work. Apart from buying single softwares, you can subscribe to the Creative Cloud so that you can work with all the softwares present under the cloud.

Adobe Photoshop Express is one among the softwares present in the Creative Cloud.

This is an editing software launched by Adobe that helps in quick edits. They help the users to apply different adjustments to your photo. They contain predefined effects and templates which makes your photo attractive and unique. Using this software you can borrow the effects from someone’s photo and apply them to yours.

Major features

Adobe Photoshop Express gives you a wide variety of feature that makes your photo look different. They include:

  • Free cropping and special cropping presets for social media.
  • Rotating and flipping the images both horizontally and vertically.
  • You can set the horizontal and vertical positions to avoid distortion.
  • Adjust properties like shadows, highlights, contrast, white & black.
  • Managing the temperature, vibrancy, tint and saturation
  • You can adjust the sharpness, luminance and colour noise.
  • When the photo does not have the expected quality, you can increase them by maintaining the proportion of clarity and dehaze.
  • Colour adjustment by using lamination, hue and saturation for independent colours.
  • Split toning feature.
  • Ability to add text and picture.
  • While taking the photograph, there can be red eye effect in your picture. With Adobe Photoshop Express you can remove the red eyes both in humans and animals.
  • You can add vignette effects and frames to your photo.
  • Collage options
  • Combine you picture with textures and overlays.
  • Using Photoshop Express you can directly share the photos to Lightroom, Photoshop, Creative Cloud, Dropbox, Google Photos and social media.

Unlike Photoshop, all the tools and options are instantly accessible in Photoshop Express. They can be installed easily without any browser plugins but you must have the Flash program installed in your device.

This software supports only JPG files which has size lesser than 16MP and a maximum of 8,191 pixels. The tools of Photoshop Express are divided into two categories; Edit and Decorate. The Edit feature includes options like adjustment, saturation, cropping, resizing and white balance. In Photoshop Express, you can find some additional tools which you can’t find in other editing softwares like light fill and auto-correct. Light fill can help you decrease the harsh shadows in the photos and auto-correct balances the light and colours of the photo.

The decorate feature is more exciting. It consists of stickers which can be added to your photos before sharing it to any social media platform. You can’t edit the sticker but instead you can resize, reposition and adjust their opacity. During any stages of editing, you can return back to the original image.

Once you have completed editing, you can save the image directly to your device. You can only save them in JPG format. You can easily download the application from the mobile app store but it is not compatible with macOS, Amazon Fire tablets or Chrome OS.

The interface of this software is simple and attractive. They mainly consist of three options; Edit, Collage and Mix.

The mix option consists of advanced tools like subject selection, pro-edits and blending different photos in layers. They can offer you with instant fixes and effects. Every effect can be customized by adjusting the effect amount and contrast. Changing contrast can help you attain different warm values and cold hues.


Adobe Photoshop Express is a free software to download but in order to use them you need to have an Adobe account, you can else Google or Facebook to sign in. But for the premium features, you need to pay Rs.365/month and Rs.2, 555 per year.

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