Adobe Marketing Cloud

Adobe Marketing Cloud

Adobe Marketing cloud is one of the prominent platform to perform digital marketing. Adobe has been the leader of the marketing world for the past few years. Marketing cloud is a combination of creative capabilities and advanced marketing functionalities. This combination has brought up Adobe Marketing Cloud to a favourable position which it has among the other marketing softwares today. Adobe Marketing Cloud (AMC) is an efficient web Analytic software which extensively help businesses to grow and improve their marketing techniques.

Marketing Cloud tries to optimize and measure business campaigns and analyse the business performance. Without having more drawbacks, Adobe Marketing Cloud stands out to be an effective one-stop marketing suite through which you can easily control mobile, campaign, search, content, social and email marketing.

Adobe Marketing Cloud was introduced in 2012 and the number of users was increasing year by year and today it has been one of the powerful marketing tools available. Most of the prominent companies today have achieved their success by using Marketing cloud for their business purpose. Adobe Marketing Cloud is a reliable software which correctly blends according to the size and needs of the business.

Adobe Marketing Cloud comes under the main branch of Adobe Experience Cloud. Marketing Cloud aims at combining all the features required for a marketing suite so that it will be useful for companies of all sizes to optimize, personalize and perform digital campaigns with atmost perfection. You can integrate Adobe Marketing Cloud with other Adobe softwares like Adobe Social, Experience Manager, Media optimizer, Target and Analytics.

Marketing Cloud consists of an instinctive interface which helps the user to merge their contents, insights and data through different marketing channels. They help to boost the targeting process and their increasing the conversions and decreasing the workload. They also have the capability to automate multi-lingual campaigns and link their email account to other digital platforms. As a business man, Adobe Marketing Cloud helps you to track the customer journey and provide them with a good marketing experience.

You can also combine Marketing Cloud with Marketo Engage so that you can always keep in touch with your customers throughout the journey. Market Engage provides options like lead management, personalization, account-based marketing and cross-channel engagement.


  • Marketing Automation: You can integrate Marketing Cloud with Adobe Campaign that helps you to establish marketing automation so that you can increase productivity and provide a better customer experience. With Marketing Automation, users can create individual customer profiles based on their likes and attitude towards the marketing channels.
  • A/B Testing: You can market your product only based on their performance. But if the data for this is in separate locations, it will be tough to analyse which video, text or image leads to more conversions. To avoid this, A/B testing is done with the help of Adobe Target to spot which creative assets leads to conversions.
  • Real-Time Digital Analytics: You can always link Adobe Marketing Cloud with Adobe Analytics. Analytics gives us a clear picture of what customer need or expect from our product. You can also use experimental data to track the customer requirements.
  • Social insights: To expand your marketing techniques to Social platforms, you can use Adobe Social. It is a social management platform which helps the users to check conversations, market and publish contents, study the conversions and include the engagement data in the interface. Social Insights automatically adds tracking codes to your social content, to know which content boosts engagement.

Adobe Marketing Cloud is used by many prominent organization including Nissan, Garmin, UBS, Renault, Airbus etc. Since it is a cloud based software, their implementation is a smooth process. Marketing Cloud is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux.

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