Adobe Incopy

Adobe Incopy

Adobe has developed a set of softwares, some of which are roofed under a common Creative Cloud title. These softwares help to improve our creative works and make them easy and attractive.

Adobe Incopy is one of the applications in the Creative Cloud. Adobe Incopy is a word processing application which connects with Adobe Indesign. Incopy creates a link between the content developers and designers who works with InDesign. When the designer develops on the page layout, concurrently the content creators can work on the page. Incopy also contains management tools to govern the working area of each team in a project.


  • Creative edit, analyse changes and add notes in gallery
  • Able to create single-page spreads.
  • Able to create different versions of a document through conditional text.
  • Tabbed-document support
  • Multiple views


  • Alteration of documents cannot be made in global scale.
  • Inappropriate for newbies.

Adobe Incopy comes with a lot of advanced features that makes the workflow more comfortable. Using tools like font search and filtering, it is able to find the exact font style you are looking for. The Sync font option allows you to add new fonts from Adobe TypeKit library.

To enhance the work, there are plugins and templates available in the convenient panel of the application. Incopy gives the freedom to the user to manipulate the text without having any change in the layout of the work. These features help the designer as well as the content creator to have equal control over the page layout.

Incopy presents the user with a catchy and user-friendly interface. The interface tab can be customized according to the needs of the user. He can also select the preferred shades for the interface like dark, medium-dark, medium-light and light.

Incopy is fast, productive and efficient. The ‘Quick Apply’ feature in the new update helps the user to add text styles without removing the hand from the keyboard. The ‘Automatic text macros’ feature allows to expand short text strings like “ic” into expanded ones.

The Application frame tool helps to view the page in Windows format. This feature bring all the program panels and documents into a single window. This takes away the distracting background elements and untangles the working process and makes it clearer.

Using the Application bar, users can easily change the document view switch between different commands to setup different open documents.

The Workspace Switcher drop-down tab is used to pick suitable task-specific work area from different varieties. You can select from standard working area to custom table editing area which only highlights the useful editing tables.

Links panel presents the thumbnail images of the files. This feature has been updated with necessary detailed and editable files including created date, last modified information, name of the user and the status of modification. Once these data are saved, file management would be an easy job.

You can also simplify the font search by filtering the fonts through criteria like serif, sans-seif, handwritten etc. Incopy also provides you space to search fonts based on visual similarity. During the search, the fonts which are similar to your search are displayed in the results.

As a designer, the main advantage of Incopy is that you can visualize the pages and view the final outcome. Other softwares do not provide such an opportunity. InCopy displays the writer with the layout of the page with all line, column, page breaks, copy fit statistics and text wrap.

During the content writing process, the software helps you to indicate an order or direction based on which InDesign will look out for errors in the file. The spell check provides two options; forward and backward which are used for correction.

Although they are an effective software, it may be complicated for the beginners. It is because they contain vast number of functions and tools. It takes time to practice them and with patience anyone can become an expert.

Subscription plans

Adobe InCopy can be accessed free for 30 days. After that the user should purchase a plan through Adobe Creative Cloud.

  • Annual plan/month – Rs.365
  • Monthly plan – Rs.550
  • Annual plan, prepaid – Rs.4, 389 including GST

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